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Thank you sBlossoms in Sunshineo much for visiting our Circle of Light!  I’m Laura Lawson Boatman, the creator of PEP and this website.  I’ve created a lot of resources over the years for feeling greater peace and happiness and fulfillment in our lives, including the positive version of EFT that I call Positive Energy Psychology, or PEP for short.  And I’m so happy to be sharing these here with you now.

I originally created this site as a membership site, but I decided I’d rather open it up and share it with everybody instead, that just feels better to me.  So that’s why you may see references to the membership site here and there.

I would like this to be a place where we can all come and support each other and grow together, sharing our ideas, questions, and insights as we go along.  My intention has always been to help us all experience the deeper essence of who we are more and more, and to feel the unconditional peace, happiness, love, and inner wisdom that comes from that place.  So, let me show you what’s here for you!


Let me give you a tour

There are lots of wonderful resources for you here in our Circle of Light, with more being added regularly for you as well.  You’ll find links and pull-down menus along the top of every page that will take you to the different pages of resources for you here.  Also, there are links to all of the sections of each page on the right sidebar to make it easy for you to find specific recordings, processes, and information.  Here’s a quick overview though of what’s here so far for you.


Where to start?

Well, this depends on where you are.  So, let’s go through a few paths you might take…


Positive Energy Psychology – PEP resources for you

PEP is a wonderful daily practice… it feels really good and takes as little as five minutes a day.  PEP helps align you with what you want and helps you release any underlying conflicting patterns without having to focus on them directly.  If you’re wanting to feel greater peace, happiness, inspiration, belief in yourself and your potential, inner guidance, connection with your true Being, and more, using these processes regularly will really help you get there.

I encourage you to just explore the links below and see which processes resonate for you.  It’s also nice to know what’s here for future reference as well.

Quick Links:

PEP Audio Processes
PEP Videos
Written PEP Lists
How to do PEP and Background Info



EFT resources for you

EFT is such a powerful technique to have in your toolbox.  I find EFT to be very helpful in those situations when you are feeling upset or triggered and want to release a specific negative emotional pattern or belief within you in a direct way.  There are times when you’re feeling resistance to focusing on the positive with PEP and that’s also a great time to use EFT or SET, the simple version of EFT I describe below.   By clicking the links below, you’ll be able to see the specific processes that are available to you.  I encourage you to explore these resources along with the PEP ones above and see what works best for you.

Quick Links:

How to do EFT and Background Info
EFT Audio Processes
EFT Videos
What to do if an issue isn’t shifting with EFT
Written EFT Scripts from the Inspiring Life Program


Simple EFT: SET info, instructions, and tips

SET is a wonderfully easy to use form of EFT… it just involves tapping (or touching) the points at it’s most simple.  This is another great tool to have in your toolbox; you can use it as your default when you’re feeling upset and you’re not sure what else to do.  There’s a great SET secret finger technique you can use, too.

Quick Link:

Simple EFT: SET info, instructions, and tips



If you want to feel more peace and happiness in your life

Then I encourage you to explore the path of unconditional peace and happiness.  There are lots of ideas and links and resources for you there.


If you have an inspiring goal that you’d like to accomplish or you’d like to discover one

Then the best place to start is with the steps to living an inspiring life.  This will guide you through the steps to finding and following the path of inspiration and fulfillment in every area of your life.  You’ll also find the link to my complete Inspiring Life program below.


Special Programs for specific issues

The Inspiring Life Program
The Creating Confidence and Success Program
The Self-Healing Program
The Test Anxiety Solution Program


I’ll be adding more resources to this area as time goes on as well.  You’ll find the most updated list by hovering over the Special Topics menu item at the top of this page.

To receive my e-newsletter and notifications of new videos and blog posts

To sign up for my e-newsletter, just click here: Laura Lawson Boatman’s e-newsletter.  I’ll send you an email when I’ve got new videos, blog posts, and ideas for you.  You’ll also get a copy of my free PEP manual with some wonderful PEP phrases for experiencing more peace, love, and abundance in your life.


To receive support from me and the other visitors of our Circle of Light and to share your own ideas and wisdom

We’re all here to help support each other as we all follow our unique paths back to the unconditional peace, happiness, and wisdom of our deeper Being.

If you’d like some suggestions or ideas to help you with whatever specific issues you are facing right now in your life, just leave a comment anywhere on this site and I’ll be happy to share my thoughts with you about how you might move through what you’re experiencing.  I’m sure there are others here who have similar challenges and would like to participate in our discussion and sharing of ideas.

I’m looking forward to building a community of support and connection for us all here in our Circle of Light.


Remember the top menu and sidebar quick links

For a list of all the resources here, remember you can just hover over the top menu items and see all the pages that are here for you so far.  And on each page, you’ll find quick links to all the content on that page in the right sidebar.  I encourage you to wander around and try them out and see how you feel… and I’d love to hear about your thoughts and experiences as you do.


Any questions or thoughts to share?

As always, if you have any questions about anything as you go through this membership site and explore all the resources here for you, please just leave me a comment on any page and I’ll be happy to reply as soon as I can.  And again, I’d love to hear from you about your experiences and suggestions for new processes as well.

Again, welcome to our Circle of Light.  Enjoy all these resources I’ve created for you.  And if you’re signed up for my e-newsletter, I’ll be in touch soon!


Take care and many blessings,

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