Invitation to Join our Circle of Light

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Update from Laura:

Hi there!  Thanks for visiting our Circle of Light!  So you caught me at an interesting moment in my life… I have decided that I want to just simplify things for myself and for everybody right now.   And that means I’m going to be opening up Circle of Light for free to everyone soon!  There are so many wonderful processes and programs in there that I want to share with everybody.  So… for now, please just go to and sign up for my enewsletter, and I’ll let you know when I’ve got it all set up and figured out so you can get to everything for free!  Yay!

Here’s the description of our Circle of Light if you want to know more before then… I just took out the sign-up buttons.  Enjoy and I’ll be in touch soon!  Blessings!  🙂


Hi, I’m Laura Lawson Boatman and I would like to invite you to join our Circle of Light, a special membership site I have created for you.

Our Circle of Light is a place where you can come to reconnect with your deeper essence, gently release old emotional patterns and mistaken beliefs, and experience the unconditional well-being, love, abundance, health, peace, happiness, and fulfillment of who you really are.


(If you’re already familiar with our Circle of Light and would like to join now, here’s the button.  Otherwise, please read on and see if it sounds good to you.  🙂 )

As a member of our Circle of Light, you get immediate online access to everything I’ve created

Whenever you want them, you can use all my recordings, videos, PEP lists, and programs online, 24/7. And I add new resources regularly, often based on members’ requests and suggestions.


Here’s what’s included in our Circle of Light…

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All my full-length, high quality PEP audio recordings and programs (over $250 value)


Most of these are only available to members of our Circle of Light right now.  Here’s what’s included so far…

  • PEP for feeling peaceful well-being: Feeling peaceful, safe, and connected to your natural state of unconditional well-being, trusting yourself and your path
  • PEP for loving and cherishing yourself as the beautiful Being you are: feeling unconditional self-love and self-acceptance
  • PEP for manifesting money and abundance
  • Three versions that combine these peace, love, and abundance processes: great for helping with all these uplifting ideas in less than five minutes
  • PEP for relaxing and enjoying the process of getting everything done: for relieving procrastination and overwhelm
  • PEP for connecting with and trusting your inner guidance: Accessing the wisdom, intuition, and guidance of your True Being
  • PEP for feeling the Presence of this moment, inspired by Eckhart Tolle
  • The Divine Love PEP and meditation  pink flower white background
  • PEP for feeling the joy of your Being: welcoming bliss, joy, and unconditional love into your life
  • PEP for believing in yourself and your abilities and gifts: Embracing your greatness and light
  • PEP for loving the people in your life as they are: Loving others as a doorway to unconditional well-being and joy, inspired by Lester Levinson
  • PEP for strength of will and inspired action: Feeling your power and strengthening your ability to take action to achieve your dreams
  • PEP for knowing your infinite value and self-worth: Loving and valuing yourself and your gifts
  • PEP for embracing your true power and light: Feeling confidence, self-esteem, and well-being as you connect with your true essence
  • PEP for achieving and maintaining your ideal weight
  • PEP for holiday peace and happiness
  • The Self-Healing Program: Includes PEP, EFT and guided meditation recordings for self-healing and an EFT recording for relieving pain
  • The Test Anxiety Solution: Includes PEP, EFT, and guided meditation recordings for relieving test anxiety and doing your best on any test
  • Guided meditation to help you envision what you want to experience in your life
  • Guided meditation to help you hear your inner guidance
  • Guided meditation to help you feel gratitude for yourself, your progress, and those who are helping you achieve your heartfelt goals
  • Two guided meditations to help you experience a wonderful feeling of unconditional well-being and peace in about twelve minutes.
  • The complete Inspiring Life Program, aka the Creating Confidence and Success Program: Includes 24 EFT recordings, the five guided meditations I just mentioned, and an ebook that will help you find and fulfill your heartfelt dreams for yourself and your life. See below for more details about this wonderful program.

And I am always adding more PEP processes for you, often based on suggestions from members.

PEP and EFT videos

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All of the PEP and EFT videos that I’ve made for you are included here in this membership site, organized and easy to access.  I’m also creating special members-only PEP videos for you that include all of the 36 unique phrases of each of my PEP processes, instead of the first twelve phrases repeated three times as I do in my YouTube videos.


Written PEP lists for all of those plus more for:

  • PEP for experiencing joyful success
  • PEP for being of great service in the world
  • PEP for feeling and expressing the Divine Feminine and the Goddess energy within you
  • and more PEP processes, recordings, and videos being added every month

My complete Inspiring Life program is included as well ($77 value)

This program is designed to help you find and fulfill your heartfelt dreams for yourself and your life. I also call this my Creating Confidence andbright blue butterfly2 Success program.  The resources in this program will help you achieve any goal you might have for yourself: fulfilling career, prosperity, health, family, friends, love relationships, creativity, spirituality… anything and everything you can imagine. If your heart is calling you to do or experience something wonderful in your life, I believe it is absolutely meant to happen. The resources in this program will help you get past the limiting beliefs and patterns so you can feel inspired as you take joyful action to get there.

Wonderful recorded and written EFT processes from my Inspiring Life program to help you when you are feeling:

  • Anxiety and deep self-doubtpink flower white background
  • Fear of making mistakes
  • Fear of failure
  • Not believing in yourself and your abilities
  • Not feeling confident and doubting your ability to succeed
  • Feeling you’re not good enough to achieve your goal
  • Procrastination and lack of motivation
  • Wanting to give up
  • Worry about what other people think of you
  • Feeling nervous and insecure
  • Fear of taking action
  • Fear of success
  • Difficulty hearing and following your inner guidance
  • Feeling discouraged at setbacks when things aren’t going right
  • Feeling like a loser who will never succeed (negative beliefs like these do come up for all of us in our darker moments)
  • Inherited anxiety and self-doubt
  • Not wanting to let go of anxiety and self-doubt
  • Sadness about feeling not good enough and not feeling able to love yourself as you are
  • Healing, releasing, and transforming painful past experiences

These processes all end with positive, empowering affirmations when you’re most open to receive them.  They will help you move through these states of being and reconnect with the deeper essence of who you are where you feel deep peace, confidence, and trust in yourself and your path.

Inspiring Life PEP processes: Exclusive to our Circle of Light

So many of my PEP processes, as I’m sure you can tell from the list at the beginning, will really help you achieve your heartfelt goals as well.  These include processes to help you with:

  • Believing in yourself and your gifts
  • Connecting with your inner guidance
  • Getting everything done in a relaxed way
  • Feeling confident and connected to your true power
  • Knowing your value and feeling a deep sense of self-worth
  • Feeling great strength of will and motivation to take inspired action
  • and more

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Guided meditation recordings from my Inspiring Life program to help you:

  • Connect with your natural state of unconditional well-being as you activate and balance the energy centers in your body
  • Visualize and energetically attract your inspiring vision
  • Connect with your inner guidance
  • Feel gratitude and appreciation for yourself and those who are helping you on your journey
  • And more guided meditation processes will be added as we go along as well

The full Inspiring Life eBook is included as well to walk you through every step.


One free PEP process mp3 download per month — $7.95 value

In the special members-only download area of our Circle of Light, I add a new PEP process mp3 audio recording every month for you.  You’ll be able to download these for your own personal use to do PEP any time, for background affirmations, subliminal suggestions, and sleep programming.  These are the same recordings you can access online anytime, but it’s nice to be able to download them as well.  The normal price for individual downloadspink flower white background of my PEP processes is $7.95 but this is included free as part of your monthly membership.

More members-only benefits for you

  • Personal support from me inside our Circle of Light and through email as well
  • I’ll also send you email support and notifications of new resources when they are added to our Circle of Light
  • You’ll also get members-only discounts. In case you want them in addition to online access, you’ll get a 50% discounts on mp3 and program downloads. 

Personal guidance and support from me and the other members of our Circle of Light

As a member of our Circle of Light, you and I will be able to have conversations throughout the members areas on whatever topics and issues you’d like to discuss.  You’ll also have priority access to me via email as well as you feel the need.  I’m here to give you personalized help and gently guide you to move through whatever issues you may be facing in your life right now.

My intention is to help each member really reconnect with our deeper essence, receive the gift of whatever experiences we are having, and feel the unconditional peace, and happiness, and fulfillment that flows from that experience.

And the wonderful people like you who feel drawn to join our Circle of Light are amazing, wise, kind-hearted people, kindred spirits from all over the world.  We’re all enriched as we open up to support each other and share our experiences and the insights that we discover as we walk the path together.


Everything’s here for you when you want it

With all these resources here for you in one place, you don’t have to invest in every recording and program I’ve created to benefit pink flower white backgroundfrom them all. We’re always evolving and changing in our lives and the goals and issues we want to focus on can shift from day to day. This way, you can use the processes, recordings, videos, and resources that feel right to you each day. That’s why I’ve included all of them in our Circle of Light.  You can use all of them every day as often as you like as part of this new monthly membership program.

And guess what?  It’s just $12 a month to join!


 If it feels right to you, I’d love for you to join me in our Circle of Light

It’s our Circle

I have this sense that we really are all part of this wonderful Circle of Light already, in the deeper aspect of our Being. At that level, I truly believe we’re here to support each other and help each other so that we can realign with this deeper essence and share our gifts with the world in whatever way we are inspired. And that’s my intention with our Circle of Light, to create a resource and a place for this wonderful reconnection, joy, and inspiration to happen.  And as we do that, we also send ripples out into the collective consciousness of humanity that support and uplift us all.

My Guarantee to you

I really want this Circle of Light membership site to be a wonderful resource for you, a place where you’ll feel welcome and be able to use all the recordings, videos, and many resources to help you experience greater peace, happiness, and fulfillment in every area of your life.  However, if you give it a try and find that it’s not quite right for you for any reason, pink flower white backgroundI’ll be happy to refund your $12 within your first month of membership, no problem.  I want you to feel totally safe and comfortable in joining our Circle of Light so I hope this guarantee helps you do that.


Gently re-trains your nervous system for inner peace and joy

One of the wonderful things about these energy psychology techniques is that the more you use them, the more you re-tune your nervous system to stay in that wonderful place of peace and well-being more often in your life. That’s why I encourage you to spend at least a few minutes a day with these wonderful PEP processes and other resources whenever that’s possible.  When you do, fairly quickly you’ll find that things don’t seem to bother you as much and problems and issues are easier to address or just fade away.  And you’ll feel this new level of unconditional peace, joy, and happiness welling up from within you… it’s just wonderful!


It’s like a spiritual and emotional health club

If you’ve ever joined a health club, you’ll know that the monthly membership fee is part of what helps motivate you to go exercise regularly. The same thing can happen with our Circle of Light membership.  The most rapid, lasting, and profound positive changes in your life will happen when you are using these wonderful resources every day.  And knowing that you’re investing even just $12 a month can be very helpful in encouraging you to use these resources every day or as often as you can.  And this is easier, too… you can use these resources from anywhere whenever you’ve got a little time to spare.  And it just feels so good to do, too. 🙂

Would you like to join our Circle of Light?

If this feels right to you in your heart, I hope you’ll join our Circle of Light.  And know that I welcome you with love and flower white background

I look forward to getting to know you and supporting you on your journey of remembering and re-experiencing the beauty, perfection, peace, happiness, and joy of who you really are.


Again, if it feels right in your heart, please join me in our Circle of Light.  (Remember, it’s just $12 a month)


I feel so happy and blessed to be able to share this Circle of Light membership program with you.

Laura Lawson Boatman

And I envision this as a place where everyone who feels aligned with these ideas can come to support each other, where members are able to connect with many other wonderful people in our Circle, people who feel in harmony with this uplifting, spiritual perspective on life and our journey.

If you feel connected with my work and feel drawn to join, then I feel in my heart that you are already a part of this Circle of Light at a deeper spiritual level.

I am here to help support you in whatever way I can to more fully remember who you are and to be able to live from tpink flower white backgroundhat place of unconditional peace, wisdom, and happiness and help you share your own beautiful light in the world in whatever ways you are inspired.

Much love and many blessings,

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