Month 1: PEP for peaceful well-being download

Right-click here to download PEP for peaceful well-being mp3


This process is wonderful for helping with stress, worry, anxiety, and other challenging emotional states.  It reminds you that your well-being is unconditional and does not depend on anything outside of you.  It’s always there, we just need to retrain our consciousness to stay focused on these kinds of positive, expansive ideas so we can relax and feel the unconditional peace and well-being of connecting with our deeper essence.  This is the first download available for members because it is really a wonderful resource to help you feel greater peaceful well-being in every area of your life.

Remember, to download this mp3, right-click the above link and then click “Save Target As…”

Enjoy this process and many blessings!

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Info and Ideas

In this area, every month you’ll find a new PEP mp3 audio recording available just for members to download.  The newest download available for you will be directly below this section.  The previous months of downloads will still be available to you below that.  pink flower white background

You can download these so you’ll have access to them to do PEP whenever you don’t have access to the online version.  You can also play these on repeat in the background as you go about your day for uplifting, positive background affirmations.

If you play them quietly with music over them (I like to use Pandora for this), you’ll be giving yourself subliminal suggestions… and you’ll know what the suggestions are.  You can also use these for sleep programming; just play them quietly as you sleep.

Using these affirmations in these ways can help you shift your dominant state of consciousness to what you would rather feel.  If you have any questions about this, you can leave me a comment below or learn more in my PEP Manual.

To download these mp3s, right-click the link  below and then click “Save Target As…”