This is where you’ll find links to all the components of my original Creating Confidence and Success program.  A while ago I updated the program and decided to rename it the Inspiring Life program.  They are essentially the same program, so many of the resources below come from the updated Inspiring Life program.  As you’ll see though, the resources are essentially the same and will really help you feel more confident in your life and help you succeed at your heartfelt goals.



Overview of all the steps to the program

Recorded EFT processes from the program

Guided meditations from the program

Written scripts of all the processes

Recorded PEP processes that will be helpful

Written scripts of PEP processes that will be helpful

The complete Inspiring Life book in pdf format

This is a link to the original eBook I wrote before I had developed PEP so keep in mind that you can also use PEP in the clearing and aligning step of the program.  The links above will help you find recordings and scripts that you can use for that.

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