Cluster of Daisies squareRight-click here to download PEP for loving the people in your life as they are: Loving others as a doorway to unconditional well-being and joy – mp3


This PEP recording helps you to love the people in your life as they are and opens up a wonderful doorway for you to experience a deep sense of peace, freedom, and unconditional love as you do.  This process was inspired by Lester Levinson and his story of how he healed himself and reached a state of love and enlightenment.  This one is another wonderful meditative process that can really shift you into a beautiful state of being as you follow along.

As with the other downloaded processes, this can be used for PEP sessions, background positive affirmations, sleep programming, and more.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do.

Many blessings,

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