These guided meditation processes are from my Inspiring Life program.  In case you’d like some additional guidance in using them, I’ve written some simple instructions for using each of these recordings in the area below the playlist.

Enjoy these and let me know what you think.  Blessings!




Info about the Attracting Your Vision guided meditation

This process uses the power of visualization and affirmation to help you manifest what you want and succeed at your goals.  It helps you imagine that you have already achieved your target goal and helps you feel the good feelings that go along with that.  As you do, you are aligning your intention and energies with what you want to create.  This is an important step in allowing what you want to come to you and will help keep you motivated to take the steps to achieve your goals.  This process is great to listen to every day when you’re focusing on creating a specific experience in your life.

You can use this process to help you envision anything you’d like to experience in your life.  It is a process from my Inspiring Life program and so at the beginning it suggests you read a description of your vision statement, which is simply a wonderful description of a heartfelt goal that you’d like to achieve, written as if you’ve already achieved it.  This vision can be about your work, health, relationships, financial situation, creativity, spiritual growth, anything.  Before you listen to this recording, I encourage you to take a moment to focus on what you want either by reading a vision statement you’ve created or just thinking about it a bit.  You can also follow my steps to creating an inspiring vision for your life by following the Inspiring Life steps here.


Info about Connecting with Your Inner Guidance guided meditation

You can use this guided meditation to help you connect with the source of wisdom that is within you.  You can receive guidance and answers to any question that you may have through this process.  It is helpful for clarifying what you want, accessing your inspiration, developing your plan for achieving your goal, and dealing with roadblocks that come up along the way.

You can use the PEP and EFT processes that focus on helping you connect with your inner wisdom as well.


Info about the Gratitude and Celebration of Progress guided meditation

As we move forward toward our goals, we can sometimes get stuck focusing on how much farther we have to go or what we wish we’d done differently.  This process is designed to deliberately teach you to acknowledge and appreciate every small and large step toward your goal as a success in and of itself. It gives you an opportunity to feel gratitude for yourself and for the support you receive along the way. It’s nice to listen to this once a week or so or any time you need a reminder that you are wonderful and that you’re doing great.


Info about the Guided Meditations for Well-Being: Versions One and Two

These are great processes that help you feel your natural state of peace and well-being and help you open to and align with the energy of your True Being.

These short but powerful guided meditations are wonderful to listen to on a daily basis. You can listen to them to help you start your day from a place of feeling centered, grounded, and peaceful. And you can listen to them at night to help you release the busy thoughts you may have and end the day in that peaceful place of centeredness and well-being. They each take less than ten minutes to listen to and they can make all the difference in the world.

The benefits of listening to these guided meditations will accumulate over time as you remind yourself on a regular basis of that place of unconditional well-being within you. There are two versions to give you some variety in this process. If you do the meditation process just before going to sleep, it will help to quiet your mind so you can sleep more peacefully. The same is true for the PEP and EFT processes.



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