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In this recorded process, I guide you through three rounds of PEP-style positive affirmations that all focus on helping you to create wonderful new positive beliefs about money and your ability to attract great abundance into your life.

Affirmations include phrases like these: allowing money to flow easily and abundantly into my life now, being joyfully rich and blissfully happy and fulfilled, living in beauty and abundance, and feeling joy and gratitude as I receive the gift of abundance.

This process is a great daily practice for gently and effortlessly releasing old, unhelpful beliefs about money and anchoring new, empowering, abundant beliefs in your consciousness.  It can be used for PEP sessions, background positive affirmations, sleep programming, and more.

Whenever I use this process on a daily basis for a while, it shifts whatever feelings of lack that have surfaced and I find the flow of abundance and prosperity expands fairly quickly.

Enjoy this process and may it help bring you joyful, wonderful abundance!

Many blessings,

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