bright orange daisyRight-click here to download the PEP for believing in yourself and your abilities and gifts – mp3 


This PEP recording will help you feel more inspired and confident in your life and will help you believe in yourself so you can follow your dreams, whatever they may be.  It’s a great process to use when you’re working toward achieving something you really want and you want to feel inspired and confident and take action to make it happen.

Affirmations include phrases like these:  Believing in myself, feeling confident and inspired as I share my gifts, believing in my inspirations and ideas, honoring my abilities, valuing my talents, knowing I have great gifts to share.  You can see the full list here.

This process is a great daily practice for gently and effortlessly releasing negative, limiting beliefs about yourself and your potential and anchoring new, empowering, positive beliefs in your consciousness.  It can be used for PEP sessions, background positive affirmations, sleep programming, and more.

Enjoy this process and I hope it helps you feel how wonderful and amazing you are.

Many blessings,

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