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In this area of our Circle of Light, I’ll walk you through the steps to experiencing a deeper and richer feeling of unconditional peace and happiness in your life and your Being.

If there’s something specific you want to accomplish or create in your life, if there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, or you just want to explore ways to feel more inspired and fulfilled in your life, the area of our Circle of Light I call the Inspiring Life Path with help you get there.

In my mind, these two paths intertwine and weave together in our lives.  When we feel a greater sense of unconditional happiness and peace in our lives, our inner Being is more able to guide and inspire us to shape our external lives in ways that feel good to us.

And as we focus on a goal that inspires us, we can more easily see the limiting, mistaken beliefs and emotional patterns that have been holding us back from achieving that goal, which are often just the issues we need to release in order to feel greater unconditional peace and happiness in our lives.

The Path of Unconditional Peace and Happiness

When you’re dealing with a difficult situation in your life or you’re having a hard time emotionally, the steps that I share below will really help.

I believe that ultimately, we are all here to find our way back to feeling our natural state of unconditional peace and happiness and reconnect with the deeper essence of who we are.

When we see the challenging experiences of our lives in this light and explore what they have to give us, they can actually show us the way back to that place of peace, wisdom, and happiness within us.

The steps I outline below for this path of unconditional peace and happiness will help you get there.

 The simple steps to get there

So, let me walk you through the steps of how you can transform a challenging experience into a doorway to your natural state of unconditional peace and happiness.  In each section, you’ll also find links to the various resources in our Circle of Light that will make each step much easier for you.

Step One: Facing the situation

The first step is to look at the emotional difficulty you’re experiencing in your life and the external challenges that seem to be triggering it, if any. This could be related to anything: finances, work, relationships, family, health, etc.

So, write down what the situation is that’s troubling you or express it verbally. Just name it and acknowledge it.

That’s the first step.

Often we have difficulty facing what we are experiencing when it’s difficult or painful for us; it can feel scary so often we want to ignore it and hope it will just go away.  Or we let ourselves get overwhelmed with the need to do something to fix it.

However, with the process that follows and the tools that we’ll be using, you can safely bring your awareness to the situation at hand and know you can move through it and even be transformed by it.  And as part of that process, often the perfect solution arises.  Which brings us to step two.

Step Two: Receiving the Gift

The next step is to begin thinking about the difficulties in your life in a new way.

Whether you’re dealing with a challenging external situation in your life or you’re experiencing emotional difficulties and you’re not sure what’s triggering them, I encourage you to consider the possibility that what you’re experiencing in your life is a gift.

It is giving you an opportunity to release yourself from old fears and judgments that keep you from feeling your natural state of peace and happiness in your life.

Most of the time, we don’t see or address these beliefs and patterns that limit our happiness… we just go along in our lives. But when something difficult comes up, there they are.

I like to think of it like this: When we’re ready for a quantum leap in our growth and expansion, for a major shift in our consciousness, we can experience challenging situations and painful emotional reactions in our lives so we can see what is holding us back from reconnecting with our true spiritual essence and feeling the unconditional peace and happiness that’s there for us.

They show us our roadblocks, the boulders in our path that are blocking us from feeling the unconditional joy and self-love of who we really are.

When we realize this, we can take some time to look at what’s happening within us and then gently release it. That’s what I mean by receiving the gift of the experience. My favorite way to do this is with EFT and PEP. Here’s how.

The Steps to Clearing Painful Feelings or Limiting, Mistaken Beliefs

1.  To begin this step, make a list of the emotional reactions and beliefs that are being triggered by this situation in your life. What thoughts are going through your head about it? What feelings go along with those beliefs? How does it feel in your body? Just write it all down, get it all down on paper until you feel like you’ve fully expressed what’s happening for you.

2.  Next, rate the emotional intensity of each of the thoughts and emotional reactions you wrote down on a scale of 1 – 10. Then make a list and put them in order with the most intense ones at the top.

3.  Now it’s time for clearing the issue. Start with the most intense belief or feeling at the top of your list. Then, using EFT and/or PEP, let it go. You can either do this on your own or follow along with the resources I’ve created here for you.

Techniques for Clearing

You can try each of the following and see what works best for you.

1.  Follow the How to Do EFT video for step-by-step guidance as you release this issue.

2.  Do EFT on your own for your specific issue. Here’s an example of an affirmation you can use at the end of each round of EFT at the side of the hand point: “Even though I have this feeling/belief/situation, I deeply and completely love and accept myself as I am and I choose to release this now. I choose to remember that my peace and happiness are unconditional and don’t depend on this situation unfolding in a particular way. I’d prefer it to turn out the way I want it to, it would be nice, but I see now that I don’t need it to for me to be happy.”  Here’s a link to my step-by-step EFT for Everything script you might find helpful, too.

3.  Choose an EFT recorded process or EFT script that fits your issue and repeat until you feel the issue shift. You can also use these as a starting place for creating a personalized EFT process for yourself.

4.  Choose a PEP recorded process or PEP written list that fits the issue. The PEP for peaceful well-being process and/or the PEP for self-love process are helpful for many issues because they help you feel a deeper sense of trust that all is well and help you feel unconditional self-acceptance and self-love regardless of external circumstances. And remember, these processes help release the underlying issues without focusing on them directly.

5.  Do simple EFT/SET: set a timer for five minutes and then just tap and vent until the timer goes off… read through the issues you wrote down and tap as you do, explore and expand on your feelings and thoughts as they come up. After five minutes, stop and assess how you’re doing. Repeat until you feel the issue shift and release. This can be a great technique, particularly when you’re upset in the moment. However, if you start to feel overwhelmed by too many issues, I recommend that you to go back and clear one issue at a time with EFT or PEP.

Give yourself the time to clear it

I encourage you to be persistent and do a few rounds of either PEP or EFT until you get the issue you’re focusing on to a rating of zero intensity, and it will happen. If you find the issue isn’t shifting, you can go to this page for some suggestions.

If new issues arise as you’re releasing a particular issue, “aspects” as we call them in energy psychology, just add them to your list of issues for clearing.

One issue at a time

Generally, I encourage you to go back to the original issue you started with and release it completely before going on to the next issue.

That way, you won’t get overwhelmed by the “and then this problem, and this other one too, and this…” and the feeling of overwhelm that can happen from that.

Also, shifts you make in one issue will often generalize to the other issues on your list as well so that you really are helping to release the whole collection of beliefs as you focus on a few specific, intense ones.

Spontaneous insights and ideas

Once you release an issue completely, you’ll generally be feeling better and you’ll often find that you have a new, more loving and wise perspective on the situation and sometimes a solution will suddenly come to mind.

We’ll talk more about that in the inner guidance step below.

After you release one issue completely, then you can go on to the next issue on the list and release that as well. As I said, generally the next issues will be easier to release once the big ones are cleared.

Ideally you will release all of the issues that are being triggered by the situation you’re in, but you don’t have to do it all in one session of course. When you feel complete for now, you can stop or move on to the next step.

Often when the new, more loving, and wiser perspective and ideas for solutions come to mind, you’ll naturally feel ready to go to the next step.

The Gift of Unconditional Happiness

As you go through this process, you’ll feel yourself relaxing and coming back to your natural state of unconditional self-love, peace, and happiness.

That is the beautiful gift that the painful situations of your life offer to you. You can consciously accept that gift and use it to return to your true essence, more and more each day.

The goal of this step is to help you remember that your well-being and happiness don’t depend on anything outside of yourself.  A part of you believes that they do and feels emotional pain and self-rejection because of it.

However, this process resets your consciousness to let go of those old programs and patterns and feel the truth of that idea, that you can be happy, centered, and peaceful no matter what is happening in your life, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

When you begin to feel that, you are already experiencing the next step.

I like to think of this process of receiving the gift of the experience as pulling weeds from your garden to make room for something wonderful to grow there.

Step Three: Center in your unconditional well-being

As I said, the clearing process of receiving the gifts will bring you to this place of unconditional well-being automatically. You’ll feel lighter and more centered, joyful, and peaceful when you fully release each layer.

There are some other wonderful practices that can help you deepen this feeling and anchor it even more fully in your conscious awareness.

The first is meditation. You can do whatever kind of meditation works best for you of course. The goal of this practice is to feel a deeper sense of unconditional well-being, peace, and joy.

If you don’t generally feel that in your meditation practice, you might want to explore other approaches and see what brings you there on a more consistent basis. Here are some ideas for you.

Meditative resources for you in our Circle of Light

1. Guided meditations from our Circle of Light. There are a number of processes and most of them take less than 10 minutes to listen to and they feel really good.

2. I’ve created a number of PEP processes that are ideal for the meditative experience of unconditional happiness and well-being: PEP for self-love, peaceful well-being, Divine Love, Presence, and joy.

I’ll be adding more meditations and PEP processes for you as time goes on as well.

Step Four: Envision what you want

Once you feel more centered and emotionally peaceful, this is the perfect time to envision what you want and further align your consciousness with it. Let the Universe know what you want from a place of unconditional peace and happiness.

Remember: your well-being is unconditional

The foundation for visualization starts again from the key understanding that your happiness does not depend on experiencing what you envision in your external life.

You can prefer this outcome you’re envisioning, but it is doesn’t have to happen that way for you to be happy. Your happiness and well-being come from within, always within.

If you start to feel and experience the thought arising, “But what if I never get there?” or “I want that and I don’t have it and I can’t be happy now because of it” or you start to feel worried or sad or any other negative emotion as you’re visualizing, then it’s time to go back and clear these beliefs and feelings that are being triggered.

Write them down, rate the intensity of the feeling or how much you believe each statement and tap on them one by one until each one doesn’t seem true anymore, until you remember that your well-being doesn’t really depend on achieving it.

The affirmation I gave above is a great one to use at the end of each round of EFT.

When you get there, you will have freed yourself from another layer of conditions that hold you back from unconditional joy, happiness, peace, and fulfillment. You will have dissolved another layer of the ego and freed yourself to experience more of your true Being in each moment.

And paradoxically, by releasing the feeling that we need something and the belief that we can’t be happy without it, we open ourselves to receive what we want much more easily.

To move into this step, ask yourself this question:

What would your rather feel and experience in your life?



You can make a list of ideas that answer this question and then use them to create your own personalized PEP list. For more on how to do this, you can refer to my PEP Manual or How to Do PEP video.


You can take some time to write out a wonderful description of what you would like to experience in your life. It’s nice to write this vision statement as if you’ve already received it.

Once you have that done, you can close your eyes and envision what you want. You can listen to the Envision What You Want guided meditation process to make this enjoyable and easy for you.

PEP and Visualization

To open your energy further, you can also do PEP as you envision what you want. The activation of the points as you affirm and envision what you want will help you to release any conflicting underlying beliefs and patterns as well.

Step Five: Inner guidance for solutions

Once you’ve released the beliefs and emotional patterns that have been triggered by the situation you find yourself in, you are ready to move toward finding a solution.

Those old patterns are like static that interferes with the flow of inner wisdom that is always there within to guide you in your life. Once they are released, solutions will often just appear in your mind and they will make sense to you as if they were self-evident and you just hadn’t seen them until now.

If you find you’re still needing some help in figuring out how to solve the problem you’re experiencing, there are a few things you can do.

Ideas to help you access your inner wisdom

1. Again, explore whether there are any limiting ideas that might be blocking your inner guidance. Are you automatically dismissing any ideas or potential solutions? If so, go back and do some releasing of these limiting beliefs that are holding you back from allowing these ideas to come forth. You can use EFT or PEP to do this as described above.

2. Use the PEP for inner guidance process in this way: ask the question and then do the process. See if any ideas, potential solutions, or changes in perspective emerge as you do or at the end.

3. You can listen to the Inner Wisdom guided meditation that’s available here in the membership area of our Circle of Light. Get clear about your question first and then listen and see what insights emerge as you do.

4. Have a conversation with God or whatever you like to call the all-wise, unconditionally loving, powerful aspect of your inner divine essence. Write your question and then just let your imagination guide the process of receiving an answer from the Divine in your mind and write down what you receive. Go back and forth until you feel you have greater clarity about what to do to help resolve the situation. I’ll often receive very helpful insights and guidance from this technique.

5. I’ve found that working with a pendulum can be a helpful tool for this as well. I’ll be adding some ideas about how I use this approach to our Circle of Light soon. If this is an area that interests you, please let me know and I’ll put that to the top of the list.

I’ll be creating more guided meditation processes for our Circle of Light to help with this as well, including a wonderful process to connect with your Future Self.

Step Six: Inspired Action

Once your inner wisdom has guided you to one or more potential solutions to the situation you’re experiencing in your life, you can create an inspired action plan or I like to call it, your Joyful Steps list.

You only need to know one step at a time, though our ego wants to know the whole plan AND have an absolute guarantee that this will work exactly as expected.

Receive the gift as you take action, too

If you find any anxiety arising as you are writing out your Joyful Steps list, then go back and release the anxiety and the limiting belief that triggered it. When it’s clear, I think you’ll feel inspired and excited to take action.

Also, you may not need to take any action right now… if you feel peaceful and centered and don’t feel inspired to take any action after releasing any resistance, just trust the unfolding and see what happens.

You’ll be inspired soon.

If you feel anxiety about it, go back through the steps to come back to peace, check in with your inner guidance, and see where it leads you.

Step Seven: Trust the Flow

As you go through these steps, if something else comes up that is triggering emotional difficulties in you, you can shift and focus on that in your session if that feels right to you.

Once you commit to a process like this, your inner guidance will show you what to release to be free to be unconditionally happy in your life.

I feel this is why difficulties come up in our lives… they’re coming up to show us the hidden aspects of ourselves, the fears and judgments within us and they’re coming up to be seen, loved, and transformed.

For extra personalized support from me

You can go through these steps yourself using all the resources in our Circle of Light. If you have any questions or need some extra support as you go through this, feel free to leave me a comment below or contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

And that’s all there is to it

So these are the steps to unconditional peace and happiness for you.  They really do work so I hope you take the time to explore this path.

It’s really an ongoing spiritual practice so be kind to yourself, take your time, and enjoy the process of becoming more and more free and happy in your life.


Video of the steps to unconditional peace and happiness

In case you’d like to watch a video about this, here’s a video for you where I talk about the underlying ideas that weave their way through all my work and then I go over the steps to unconditional peace and happiness that are based on those ideas.

I originally created this in part for people who were thinking about working with me individually, but I think it has lots of good information that will help you walk through these steps here in our Circle of Light as well.  (By the way, right now I’m focusing my energies on developing the resources in our Circle of Light so I’m not working with new individual clients.  I’m always here to support you as a member of our Circle of Light though, so feel free to leave a comment here or contact me to get in touch.)

In the more detailed description of the steps that I wrote for you above this video, you’ll find links to many of the resources here in our Circle of Light that can help you with each step, too.



As always, please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help in any way.

Many blessings,

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