The Quick Version of How to Do PEP

This video quickly guides you through learning the PEP technique so you can get started following my guided PEP processes as quickly as possible.

The Full Version of How to Do PEP

This video teaches you how to do PEP in a more detailed way and includes instructions on how to create your own PEP lists, the one-handed and two-handed versions of PEP, and some tips on using PEP most effectively.

Illustration of the PEP Points

Illustration of PEP points

PEP finger points

The PEP Manual

Here’s a link to the PEP Manual if you’d prefer to read about how to do it.  It includes lots of tips on how to use PEP most effectively as well.

Click here to access the PEP Manual online

 Background video: What Is PEP?

In this video, I talk about what Positive Energy Psychology is and my perspective on how to use it most effectively.  I also compare PEP to EFT and discuss how they work together and share how PEP is the ideal daily practice to help you align your consciousness with what you want to experience in your life.

Background video: The story of how I developed PEP

In this video, I share the story of how I developed the idea for Positive Energy Psychology (aka PEP). It’s a wonderful example of how the answers we need are already within us and will come when we are ready and willing to receive them.

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