SerenityBeing able to sleep deeply and soundly is such an important part of feeling good and having the energy and focus to enjoy our lives and be at our best.  Sometimes though, it can be difficult to do that.  For whatever reason, there are times when it’s hard to get to sleep and/or to stay asleep so we feel rested in the morning.  So, I created the following PEP process to help with that.

PEP for deep restful sleep

If you’re having trouble sleeping or you are worried that you will, you can listen to the following PEP process to help you experience deep, restful sleep.  Just follow along as you do PEP for one or more rounds until you feel yourself feeling more relaxed and sleepy.  If you prefer, you can follow along at your own pace with the written PEP list for this process which you will find below the playlist.

When worries are keeping you awake at night

When you’re experiencing anxiety or worry in your life about something, it can carry over and affect your ability to get a good night’s rest.  Thoughts and worries can go round and round in your head as you lay there, making it hard to fall asleep.  When that happens, I recommend using the PEP for peaceful well-being process a few times through before bed (or any time you’re feeling anxious) to help you let go of the worries and come back to a place of trusting that everything’s okay, solutions to problems are on their way, and that everything is unfolding perfectly.

Coming back to the peace of the present moment

Another PEP process that can be very helpful is the PEP process for feeling the Presence of this moment.  There’s a wonderfully calming and centering energy that comes to you when you listen to this process.  It’s a simple but powerful meditation that can help reset your consciousness for a more peaceful night’s rest as well.

Other processes that can help you sleep

Depending on what seems to be keeping you awake at night, any of the other processes available here in our Circle of Light might help you feel better and quiet your mind before bed.  I’d recommend just looking through the recorded PEP processes, special topics, and guided meditations via the menu items across the top of your screen and see what helps your mind and body relax.

And then to finish, you can listen to this PEP recording for deep restful sleep.

Deep Restful Sleep Playlist



PEP list for deep restful sleep

1. welcoming deep, restful sleep
2. sleeping deeply and peacefully all through the night
3. relaxing deeply
4. quieting my mind
5. feeling drowsy as I go to bed
6. feeling sleepy as I rest my head on my pillow
7. feeling relaxed as I fall asleep
8. falling asleep easily
9. resting soundly
10. sleeping deeply through the night
11. feeling calm and peaceful as I fall asleep
12. relaxing into my unconditional well-being
13. deeply relaxing my body as I fall asleep
14. falling asleep quickly and easily
15. trusting myself to sleep deeply and soundly
16. feeling my body relaxing
17. focusing on the feeling of my body from within as I fall asleep
18. letting myself sleep deeply tonight
19. loving and trusting my body
20. sleeping deeply and soundly all through the night
21. letting myself feel the peace within me
22. feeling peaceful and relaxed and sleepy at night
23. sleeping deeply all night long
24. deeply resting my body and mind
25. feeling peaceful and relaxed as I fall asleep
26. quieting my thoughts
27. sleeping deeply and soundly all through the night
28. getting plenty of rest
29. letting my breathing be relaxed and peaceful
30. breathing slowly and deeply and comfortably
31. feeling so sleepy
32. sinking deeply into relaxation
33. letting my body rest deeply
34. knowing all is well
35. feeling safe and peaceful as I fall asleep
36. sleeping deeply and soundly all through the night

And so it is. Thank you.


I’d love to hear how these processes work for you and as always, I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.

Many blessings,

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