I love this the holiday season, though I know it can feel stressful and overwhelming and emotionally challenging at times, too.

My gift to you

So, I thought I’d just share this special holiday PEP process I created that you can use to help you through those rough patches and to really enjoy the beautiful blessings of this season.

So this is my gift to you. You can use it to help yourself come back to the center of peace and happiness and love within you. And as you do, you’ll be giving a beautiful gift to yourself, to those you love, and to the whole world as well. You’ll see what I mean as you go through it.

PS  It feels wonderful during the holiday season and any other time of year as well.  

So here’s my special holiday peace and happiness PEP process for you:


 The recording


(Note: This recording just starts with the first PEP phrase instead of stating the title first.)

The written list

Letting myself relax and enjoy this time of year
Knowing everything is unfolding perfectly
Relaxing into the flow of this moment
Letting everything get done easily and joyfully
Breathing and enjoying each moment
Knowing everything will get done that needs to be done
Loving myself as I am
Loving others as they are
Seeing the deeper Light and beauty in everyone
Feeling gratitude for all the blessings in my life
Feeling peaceful and happy
Feeling the joy of my Being
Enjoying this moment
Enjoying the people in my life just the way they are
Trusting that all is well
Feeling the Light within me growing
Seeing the deeper beauty in everyone
Letting all my good flow to me effortlessly
Feeling so blessed
Seeing the Light in everyone
Feeling deep gratitude for my blessings
Connecting heart to heart with the people I love
Enjoying my family and friends as they are
Knowing I am perfect just the way I am
Letting sweet blessings and abundance flow to me
Seeing the world bathed in Light and Love
Seeing the Light within each heart shining brightly
Seeing everyone in the world being blessed with love and peace and happiness
Wrapping the whole world in a blanket of love and peace and Light
Feeling safe and happy
Knowing all is well, now and always
Feeling the radiant Light of my true essence
Letting my Light shine freely and joyfully
Letting Love guide my path
Feeling so grateful for all my blessings
Letting the Light and Love of my true Being shine in the world, now and always
And so it is. Thank you.


So there you go. Just do PEP as you listen or read through this list whenever you feel the need to reconnect with your deeper essence and feel the unconditional happiness and peace that’s there within you always. It would be a wonderful way to start and end each day.

If you want to just focus on a few of these phrases that really resonate for you in the moment, just repeat them as you go through a few rounds of PEP.

So I hope that’s helpful and uplifting for you… it felt good to read through it just now and do a few rounds of PEP with it myself.


My holiday wish for you

May you be blessed with feeling the unconditional peace, happiness, abundance, and fulfillment of who you really are in this holiday season, in the new year, and always.

Much love and many blessings and I’ll see you next time.

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