Road Through ForestI’ve received a number of requests for help with weight loss and maintenance issues over the years.  At the request of one of our members, I created a new PEP list to help with this and compiled all my PEP and EFT ideas into the following guide for you.  In the sections below, you’ll find:

  • my PEP recording for achieving and maintaining your ideal weight
  • the written PEP list that goes along with it
  • ideas and specific PEP phrases for help with comfort eating
  • help for releasing past painful experiences and negative beliefs about food and eating
  • turning negative beliefs into PEP phrases
  • PEP for help with cravings for specific foods
  • and some additional ideas that you might find helpful

You’ll find quick links to each of these in the sidebar at the right.  As always, let me know if you have any questions about anything and I’ll be happy to help.


PEP recording for achieving and maintaining your ideal weight

This process will help with losing weight, maintaining your ideal weight, making healthful food choices, and cultivating a positive and accepting body image.



Written PEP list for achieving and maintaining your ideal weight

I’ve included the written list of the PEP phrases used in the recording in the section below.  If you like, you can see which of the phrases below resonate for you and focus on those every day and see how you feel after a week or so.

Also if there are any you feel a more intense emotional reaction to, positive or negative, I’d say focus on those phrases for a while as well.  Negative reactions often come from an underlying limiting negative belief or emotional pattern that’s being activated by focusing on that PEP phrase.  By doing a few rounds on those phrases, you’ll be clearing and releasing the underlying limiting belief.

So here are the PEP phrases for you.  As I said, you can use them all or just choose the ones that resonate for you:


PEP phrases for achieving and maintaining your ideal weight


  1. feeling wonderful about my body
  2. loving my body
  3. feeling good in my body
  4. being my ideal weight
  5. being the weight I want to be (or being  ____ pounds/kg — whatever specific weight you want to be)
  6. feeling good about what I eat
  7. feeling good about how I eat
  8. enjoying eating food that’s good for me
  9. enjoying eating in ways that support me in achieving and maintaining my ideal weight
  10. feeling good about eating healthy food
  11. loving to eat well
  12. easily losing weight
  13. letting my body lose weight easily
  14. intending to be my ideal weight
  15. easily becoming my ideal weight
  16. easily maintaining my ideal weight
  17. releasing any mistaken beliefs from my parents, family, friends, and anyone else about my body and my ability to achieve and maintain my ideal weight
  18. knowing my body can be whatever weight I want it to be
  19. being my ideal weight and feeling wonderful (or being ____ pounds/kg and feeling wonderful)
  20. feeling safe being my ideal weight
  21. knowing it is safe to let these extra pounds go
  22. gently losing these extra pounds
  23. knowing I don’t need this extra weight
  24. knowing I can be whatever weight I want to be and be happy and loved
  25. knowing I can be happy and loved at whatever weight I am
  26. effortlessly releasing these extra pounds
  27. trusting that I can lose these extra pounds
  28. knowing I can lose this weight easily and effortlessly
  29. knowing I can be my ideal weight and be happy
  30. knowing I can maintain my ideal weight easily and effortlessly
  31. releasing any old, negative programming about my weight
  32. accepting new wonderful beliefs about my weight
  33. enjoying losing these extra pounds
  34. letting it be easy and fun
  35. feeling good about losing weight
  36. expecting success
  37. letting my inner guidance show me how
  38. loving being my ideal weight
  39. comforting myself in ways that help me maintain my ideal weight
  40. knowing I can comfort myself in many wonderful ways
  41. realizing I don’t need to eat to be comforted
  42. finding comfort in the other wonderful ways I take care of myself
  43. comforting myself through unconditional self-love and self-acceptance
  44. enjoying eating smaller portions
  45. finding it easy to eat smaller portions
  46. savoring each bite
  47. listening to my body and knowing when I’m full
  48. filling myself with self-love and self-acceptance
  49. knowing my happiness doesn’t depend on how much I weigh
  50. loving myself unconditionally, no matter how much I weigh
  51. knowing I can be my ideal weight easily and joyfully
  52. being my ideal weight and feeling wonderful (or being  _______ pounds/kg and feeling wonderful)
  53. feeling comfortable and at ease as I lose these extra poinds
  54. envisioning myself at my ideal weight
  55. knowing I can achieve my ideal weight easily and comfortably
  56. finding that it’s easier that I thought it would be to lose this extra weight
  57. letting it be an easy, fun, and comforting experience
  58. enjoying being in my wonderful body, no matter what weight I am
  59. feeling good about myself and my body
  60. being my ideal weight and feeling wonderful

And so it is.  Thank you.


Try these PEP phrases every day for a while and see how they feel… and please let me and the other members of our Circle of Light know how they work for you.


Eating for comfort

Weight loss is an interesting area to address with PEP, there are so many possible facets and underlying issues.  We often can find ourselves eating when we’re not hungry but we feel an emotional need for comfort.  We all have things we do when we’re feeling off and want to feel better.  Many times, I think that the eating that contributes to unwanted weight gain isn’t really from being physically hungry; it comes from wanting to help ourselves feel better emotionally, to fill up a place that feels empty.

One technique that might help is this:  When you’re feeling the desire to eat something because you feel bored or off emotionally, try doing a little PEP or EFT/SET beforehand, just a few minutes, and then see how you feel.  You might find you don’t really feel the need for the snack then, or having less might feel just as good to you.

I’m not talking about depriving yourself of what gives you comfort, just looking at the underlying issue when it’s active and seeing if you can heal it and give yourself that comfort in a different way.

If you’re upset about something that happened during the day and you’re feeling that desire to eat something, you can just set a timer for five minutes and tap and vent about anything that might be bothering you.

You can also use EFT to address the desire to eat something.  (“This desire to eat ______________” could be the phrase or whatever you’re feeling about it.)

Or you can just do PEP for five minutes or so, using the phrases here and/or ones you come up with yourself.  To come up with your own, ask yourself, “What would I rather feel?”

And then see how you feel about eating something.  Again, this isn’t about using willpower to overcome the emotional desire for eating.  It’s about listening to that part of you that feels the need to eat to feel better and lovingly comforting it through PEP and EFT.

Also, the PEP for self-love and peaceful well-being PEP processes might be really helpful for comforting the part of you that is wanting to eat as well and help heal any underlying issues.


PEP for comfort eating

If you find that you eat for emotional comfort, you can focus on these PEP phrases from the list above related to that:

comforting myself

knowing I can comfort myself in many wonderful ways

realizing I don’t need to eat to be comforted

finding comfort in other wonderful ways I take care of myself, other than eating

comforting myself through unconditional self-love and self-acceptance


Releasing past painful experiences and negative beliefs about food and eating

If you have any specific past experiences or beliefs that you think are related to your pattern of eating and/or not being able to lose the weight you want to, take some time to write down a brief title for the experience and any beliefs that you seem to have learned from these experiences and then tap on those with EFT to release them.  (Helpful links: EFT for everything script.   Audio process #20 from the Inspiring Life program can be very helpful for gently releasing painful past experiences, too.  Just ignore the mention of confidence at the beginning; this process is good for everything.)  Keep tapping until you don’t believe the mistaken ideas anymore and/or the emotional charge from the memory is gone.  You will get there and it’s so worth doing.  Just give it some time.


Turning negative beliefs into PEP phrases

You can also turn any negative beliefs around and turn them into PEP phrases.  Just write down the opposite of the negative belief and/or ask yourself what you would rather believe.  These will guide you to PEP phrases.

For example, if you part of you has this belief: “I can’t lose this weight because being overweight just runs in my family.”  You can turn this around to PEP phrases like this:  “Knowing I can and will lose this weight because I am my own person separate from my family and I can achieve whatever I truly want.”  Then just add these new phrases to your daily PEP list to change these key beliefs about your weight.

If you need any help with this, just leave me a comment below and I’ll help you create some PEP phrases to counteract specific negative beliefs.


PEP for help with specific foods

Here are some PEP phrases you can use if you want to reduce your desire for a specific kind of food:

knowing I can feel happy and loved even without eating _________.

enjoying a meal without _________.

releasing the belief that I need to eat _________ at the end of a meal/ every day.

feeling satisfied at the end of a meal/day even without _________.

feeling comforted and happy even without _________.


Finding the key issues to unlock the pattern

Often, it’s just a matter of figuring out the right focus to allow the extra weight to go.

It can be helpful to explore what issues might be holding you back from losing the weight you’d like to.  Take some time to think about what might be holding you back.  Do you have any sense of this?  Are you aware of any old beliefs, programming, and/or hidden fears about losing this weight?

To explore this, ask yourself, what would be the down side of losing the weight?  What’s the benefit of having it?  When you picture yourself at your idea weight, what “yes, buts” come up?

Complete this sentence:  I would like to be ______ pounds/kg, BUT…  

Once you have a list of possible beliefs that may be contributing to your not losing the weight, tap on these and/or write positive PEP phrases about these.  You want to be 100% aligned with your intention and believe that it is possible.  Keep working at it, and you will get there.


“Part of me doesn’t want to lose this weight…”

I find that this is a great phrase to use with EFT when things aren’t shifting as much as you’d like.

You use this phrase like this:  Even though part of me doesn’t want to lose this weight (or stop eating desert or whatever it might be), I deeply and completely love and accept myself. 

And your tapping phrase would be this:  Part of me doesn’t want to lose this weight, etc.

And end at the side of the hand point with this phrase:  Even though part of me doesn’t want to lose this weight (or stop eating desert or whatever it might be), I deeply and completely love and accept myself and I chose to let that part of me know that it is safe to lose this weight now.


Let me know how this works for you

I hope all this is helpful to you.  I’d love to hear how this approach works for you as well as any phrases you come up with yourself that really resonate for you.  I’m sure sharing your experiences will be really helpful to other members as well who are dealing with similar feelings and issues about eating and weight loss.


Take care and many blessings,

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  1. Thank you Laura for all these wonderful phrases. I plan on concentrating on a few phrases for the next week. ‘Enjoying eating food that’s good for me’. Enjoying eating in ways that support me in achieving and maintaining my ideal weight’. ‘Listening to my body and knowing when I am full’. ‘Knowing I can comfort myself in different ways’. ‘Feeling unconditional love within me’.
    At present these phrases certainly resonate with me. How many of these phrases could I use at a time and how long do you suggest doing them for each day?
    Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Maureen,

      I’m so glad you like these! You can use as many of the phrases as you like at one time. You can go through a few rounds of PEP with the phrases you’d like to focus on, which will probably take five minutes or so, or you can do more if you like. Follow your own intuition about how long and how often to do them… see what feels right to you. You could use these phrases for a five minute PEP session every morning and evening, and/or you could just do them before each meal or any time you’re starting to feel like eating something that might not be as healthful for you as you’d like.

      Let me know if I can help with anything, too. And I’d love to hear how these works for you.

  2. Thank you Laura.

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