In this area of our Circle of Light, my intention is to share ideas and create processes that will help you experience greater love and unconditional well-being in your life and relationships.

Here’s the playlist for experiencing unconditionally loving relationships in your life and the first recorded process I created for you in this series.


Loving Relationships Playlist



I love this process.  It really captures the essence f what I think we’re all doing here in our lives: learning to love and accept ourselves and each other unconditionally, and freeing ourselves to feel the unconditional peace and happiness of who we really are in the process.  As I say in this PEP process, as we love and accept others, we love and accept the aspects our ourselves that they represent.


Lester Levinson and his transformation through love

Lester Levinson was a man who found a way to transform his deep emotional misery and life-threatening physical conditions simply by choosing to focus on love.  He realized that what he really wanted in life was to be happy, and that he was happiest when he was in the state of loving.  So he set out to transform all his negative feelings about others into love, pure and simple.  It’s a beautiful story that I first read about in the book Happiness Is Free.  I wanted to link to the version of the story that’s in that book, but it doesn’t seem to be available online right now.  I found a slightly different version of the story here so you can read more about Lester’s experience there if you want to.

(He’s associated with a couple of personal growth teachers who are carrying forward their understanding of his teachings; their approaches may or may not appeal to you.  Personally, I just LOVE Lester’s story of healing and reconnecting with the unconditional love, well-being, and wisdom of his true essence… sharing that story itself has really been the most transformative part of their work for me.)

Essentially, through a deep determination to transform anything that was not love within himself into love, he healed himself physically and emotionally, and went on to experience deep bliss and wisdom from within.  You might say that through this practice of transforming every feeling into love, he spiritually awakened.


Love is the doorway to unconditional peace and happiness

His approach fits perfectly with what feels right to me in my heart.  I’ve always felt that Love is the doorway to all that we are seeking in our lives.  As you probably know, I feel that unconditional self-love is the key to releasing ourselves from all pain, fear, and self-judgment in our lives.  That’s why I often recommend the PEP for self-love process to get to the core of every issue.

This PEP process for loving the people in your life as they are is really the other side of that coin.  When others upset or trigger us, I believe that our pain is often caused by the self-rejection and judgment that other people either represent or trigger in us.  Everyone is our mirror.  As I say in the process: others are a mirror for myself, the fears, the love, and the beauty that I am.  

Choosing to transform negative feelings into love frees us.  It shows us that we can choose to feel happy and feel the joy of love in every moment.  Just like Lester learned to do.


How to use this PEP process for transforming any negative feeling about someone into love

I hope you find this process helpful.  If you want to focus on a specific person who you’re having difficulty with, you can think about them before you begin and make it your intention to release and transform anything that is not love between you.  Then do this PEP process a few times and see how you feel about them at the end.

Remember, it’s OK if you’re not feeling aligned with these phrases initially; as you repeat the process a few times, you’ll be releasing any underlying conflicting beliefs and emotional patterns and as you do you’ll feel yourself relaxing into alignment with these loving, uplifting ideas.

You can also use this process as a daily meditation; it feels really good to listen to this one regularly and it can really help shift how you experience the other people in your life.

If you have any questions about using this process or about any of the ideas here or any of the phrases, just let me know and I’ll be happy to share my thoughts with you.  As always, I’d love to hear what you think of this and what your experience is of using it.

If this process resonates with you, trust that.  Perhaps this is a key doorway for you as well.


Many blessings,

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