Sometimes it’s just hard to get starting doing something, isn’t it?  From my perspective, there are a number of possible underlying issues that make us feel like avoiding the task before us, including feeling overwhelmed and seized up by having so much to do, just not wanting to do something, and feeling like what we do has to be perfect from the start.  Each of these can make us feel like putting things off til later, even when it feels like it’s important to get it done.

Resources to help

I created some PEP processes, videos, and recordings that will really help you get things done and enjoy the process as you do.  The first one helps a lot when you’re feeling overwhelmed by having too much to do and so you can’t seem to get anything done.  The second one helps you feel greater energy, focus, and confidence as you take inspired action.  I think you’ll like them both and they feel great to listen to together.

You might also like the PEP and EFT processes that are part of my Inspiring Life program which is designed to help you achieve a goal that inspires and fulfills you.

I also made a video that goes into more detail about what I think holds us back from taking action; you’ll find it in the videos section at the bottom.  I also made some EFT videos to help you move through each of these issues and you’ll find those below as well.

So, I’ve brought all these procrastination-related resources into this Special Topics page for you.


PEP for relaxing and enjoying the process of getting everything done



At the suggestion of a member, I created this PEP process to help with feeling overwhelmed by too much to do.  I love using this process myself; it’s a great one for when you’ve got a lot to do and you can’t seem to figure out how to get started or get it all done.  It helps you relax and listen to your inner guidance about what to do next and helps you focus on the next step to take and feel more relaxed as you do.

It helps you let go of the stress and overwhelm so you can get things done in a way that feels much more enjoyable, efficient, and effective.  It feels really good and it’s a great reminder that we can focus on one thing at a time and enjoy the process of getting everything done.


The audio recordings of these processes



The written PEP list for relaxing and enjoying the process of getting everything done


  1. Taking a deep breath and bringing myself back to this moment I am in
  2. Remembering that I can only do one thing at a time and that’s all I ever need to do
  3. Trusting that it will all get done at the perfect time and in the perfect way
  4. Relaxing as I review my choices about what to do next
  5. Letting my mind and body calm down and feel peaceful as I do
  6. Feeling relaxed and peaceful as I think about what to do next
  7. Quieting my mind and letting my inner wisdom guide me
  8. Trusting my heart about what would be the best thing to do next
  9. Feeling a quiet clarity from within about what to do next
  10. Trusting that feeling and choosing to take this step in peace
  11. Calming my mind and letting myself focus on the step I am taking now
  12. Doing what I’ve chosen to do and enjoying it
  13. Focusing on the one thing that’s in front of me
  14. Letting thoughts of anything else I need to do just melt away
  15. Trusting that everything will get done, one step at a time
  16. Knowing that as I take one step at a time, I will get everything done in perfect order and perfect timing
  17. Bringing myself back to this one thing I am doing
  18. Enjoying the experience of doing what I’m choosing to do right now
  19. Trusting that this is the perfect thing for me to do right now
  20. Knowing everything else will get done at the perfect time and in the perfect way
  21. Knowing I will get everything done, one step at a time
  22. Focusing on one thing at a time and enjoying it
  23. Doing this one thing right now and feeling wonderful as I do
  24. Feeling wonderful about taking action right now, one step at a time
  25. Enjoying the simplicity of doing one thing at a time
  26. Feeling much calmer and clearer in my mind as I do
  27. Enjoying doing this one thing that I’m working on
  28. Relaxing and being in the flow as I take action on this step
  29. Knowing that as I do, I’m making progress and that’s all I need to do
  30. Relaxing and focusing on what I’m doing right now
  31. Knowing I’m getting things done much more efficiently and effectively as I do
  32. Trusting that what I’m doing is the perfect thing to do right now
  33. Feeling really good about the progress I am making
  34. Trusting that it will all get done and that I can enjoy myself as I get there
  35. Feeling wonderfully focused, calm, and centered
  36. Feeling peaceful well-being as I enjoy doing what I’ve chosen to do right now

And so it is.  Thank you.


PEP for Strength of Will and Inspired Action:  Feeling your powTaking inspired action!er and strengthening your ability to take action to achieve your dreams

This PEP process can really help you feel a powerful desire to take inspired action now and feel wonderful and confident as you get things done.


1. Having great strength of will
2. Knowing just what to do and doing it now
3. Taking inspired action
4. Embracing my power to make my dreams happen now
5. Making decisions quickly and decisively
6. Taking action to make things happen now
7. Feeling powerful and inspired
8. Taking effective action to achieve my goals now
9. Knowing exactly what I want
10. Feeling inspiration flowing in my body and mind
11. Aligning with what I want totally and completely
12. Feeling the strength of my determination and will to succeed
13. Feeling the powerful urge to take action now
14. Knowing my actions will lead me to my goal
15. Feeling wonderful about taking action
16. Feeling empowered and excited about taking action
17. Knowing what I want and taking action to make it happen
18. Feeling great about taking action now
19. Moving the energy from inspiration to action
20. Moving forward toward my goal now
21. Taking action in the world
22. Being effective and powerful
23. Embracing my power and using it
24. Focusing on the powerful, positive outcomes my actions will create
25. Expecting great things to come from my actions
26. Feeling full of vitality and confidence in myself and my actions
27. Knowing just what to do in every moment
28. Making a clear decision and taking action immediately
29. Acting on my inspirations
30. Following my inner guidance
31. Manifesting my dreams through clear, decisive action
32. Feeling great about taking action
33. Knowing that every action I take brings me closer to my goal
34. Feeling great about putting myself out into the world
35. Loving the feeling of taking inspired action
36. Embracing my power to make my dreams happen now

And so it is. Thank you.



More videos to help with procrastination

Video: Three reasons why we procrastinate


Video: EFT for procrastination when you’re feeling overwhelmed by having too much to do


 Video: EFT for procrastination because you just don’t want to do something


 Video: EFT for procrastination and perfectionism and why we don’t do what we love to do


I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with these processes and how they work for you when you’re feeling that annoyingly tempting urge to procrastinate.  As always, let me know if you have any questions about anything and I’ll be happy to help.



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